Outlines Website Updated

We thought you may like to know we have made some updates to our website https://outlinesurrey.org.uk/

Quick exit feature: if you are looking at Outline website and find your self in a position where you are not comfortable having the website on screen e.g. because someone maybe walks into the room – on the bottom left hand side of each page is a “Leave This Page Quickly” button. This closes outline webpages and opens Google.co.uk and BBC.co.uk

Knowledge base: We wish to increase the supportive information people can find quickly – If there is a question and answer you would like to see on our website please email Helpline@outlinesurrey.org.uk please do email these through.  Here is the link: https://outlinesurrey.org.uk/frequently-asked-questions/

Helpline Support now features some explanation of Sexuality and Gender Identity. Sexuality article: https://outlinesurrey.org.uk/contact-helpline/helpline-resources/sexuality/ Gender identity article: https://outlinesurrey.org.uk/contact-helpline/helpline-resources/gender-identity/

New Leaflets now available on our website: https://outlinesurrey.org.uk/about-outline/downloads/