What is Cis Privilege?

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What is Cis Privilege? On 20th November is Transgender day of remembrance. Watch out for an insightful article on 20th November on Outline's social media from one of our experienced volunteers. A useful piece of information to share with you ahead of this. Cisgender privilege - what is it and how this affects people who [...]

Talking about Tran Remembrance 20th Nov

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Transgender day of remembrance  - 20th Nov 2019 With the world of transgender very much hitting the headlines recently and to be honest not in the way it should be, I feel maybe people will think this is a new thing or or new day being created. The 1st is coming up to twenty years [...]

Co-Op Membership Scheme Raises Money for Outline

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Co-Op Membership Scheme Raises Money for Outline We have two weeks to go. Thanks to all the Co-Op Members who have raised over a £1000 so far for Outline. If you are a Co-Op Member card holder. Its not to late to help Outline. Follow this link. Sign in and pick Outline as your chosen [...]

Pinnocks Outcrowd – No Event in December 2019

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Pinnocks Outcrowd - No Event in December 2019 For all Outcrowd Pinnocks Coffee shop attendees. We look forward to seeing you at the October and November events but please be aware that Outcrowd Pinnocks will not be running in December 2019 - Restarting January 2020. See our website for details of future Outcrowd events:

Stephen Ireland becomes a Patron Outline Charity in Surrey August 2019

By |2019-08-25T21:01:07+01:00August 25th, 2019|Helpline Information, News, Volunteering|

Stephen Ireland becomes a Patron Outline Charity in Surrey August 2019 It is with great pleasure that with immediate effect, I can formally announce that Stephen Ireland the founder of Pride in Surrey has accepted our invitation to become Patron of Outline. By day A Senior Operations Manager, by night the host of many pride [...]

A look back at IDAHOBT 2019

By |2019-06-23T15:41:35+01:00June 23rd, 2019|News, Online Events|

So what was IDAHOBT All about in 2019? An outline volunteers reflection on IDAHOBT 2019 IDAHOBT developed as an opportunity to raise awareness of the human rights of LGBTIQ+ people but it is also a chance to celebrate our diversity. Many organisations take that chance to release reports about the situation of LGBTIQ+ rights and [...]

Helpline Open Saturday 25th May 2019

By |2019-05-19T17:14:27+01:00May 19th, 2019|Helpline Information, News|

Outline Helpline - Opening Hours Trial On Saturday 25th May 2019 13:00 > 16:00 our Helpline team will be available to answer your emails and calls. We have listened to people that use our Helpline and are looking to offer our Helpline service at different times and different days. Watch this space for further announcements [...]

How discrimination affects LGBT+ individuals?

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How discrimination affects LGBT individuals?  It is important to understand the different ways of discrimination the community is facing as it is the first step in fighting it.  There are two main forms of discrimination: obvious acts of prejudice and discrimination (e.g. rejection or firing from work based on sexuality) reinforcing of harmful stereotypes and [...]

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