New Year New Challenges for Outline and the people we support

We are in one of the most unexpected and unusual times as a World. Everyone is struggling in some way. Imagine struggling also with who you are not being accepted by the people you live with or society in general. Many people are struggling with their sexuality, gender identity and you may not know but they deserve support, compassion and somewhere confidential they can go for support.

This is where Outline come in. We support people who are struggling in some way with their sexuality and gender identity. We actively listen, offering a friendly, supportive ear, we also sign post to other places and organisations that can support.

We are volunteer run, lead, managed charity based in Surrey. We kept going during the challenges of going remote working during the emergence of COVID19. We have a stable financial position; we have great resources and facilities.

What we urgently need more of to continue our amazing work is people to run and work within the charity.

Organised, self-starting, caring people are what we need. Use to working in a supportive environment and comfortable with some basic governance and rules.

We need people to do every possible task you can think of, particularly running and organising our Helpline and behind the scenes activities that allow us to legally operate, keep our service users safe and ensure that we publicise, develop our services. Is this you?

If you want to apply please go to our website:

If you have questions and want to find out more, please email