Outline Helpline Open 25th Sept 2021 for Pride in Surrey

The Outline Helpline Services will be open on 25th September 2021 (Saturday) 10am to 10pm during Pride in Surrey 2021 event day. 

For details of the event on the day see Pride in Surrey’s Website: https://www.prideinsurrey.org/ 

Not everyone is able to celebrate pride. Many people will still be struggling across Surrey with their Sexuality and/or Gender Identity. Outline are opening the Helpline Service to support people during this key event in Surrey.

Are you struggling with your sexuality or gender identity? Do you want to access support or just talk it through with someone?

Use the contact form on our website or Send us an Email/Use Online Chat


01483 727667 Text: 07451 289261




Our Support service is  open weekly at the standard times of: Sunday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 19:30-22:00