Could you be one of Outline’s next volunteers?

If you have an understanding of Sexuality and Gender Identity and have an empathy with some of the difficulties that having a same sex orientation or alternative gender identity might bring, then volunteering for Outline could be for you.

  • Outline provides the only information and advice helpline supporting people with their sexuality and gender identity as well as those who are questioning their sexuality or gender identity in Surrey.
  • You may be familiar with the terms Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) which are important identities for many of us, but for others they may seem like labels that may limit or wrongly label some of us. This is why Outline looks beyond the labels and provides listening, advice and signposting help to people that use our services on sexuality and gender identity.

What is involved?

From as little as a few hours a year to a weekly volunteering opportunity, the joy of volunteering is its not a 9-5 job. Mornings, Evenings, Weekends there is always something you can do.

Where are Outline based?

Out Helpline and offices are based in Woking in Surrey, however we have many opportunities that dont require you to regularly come to Woking, you may prefer to volunteer from home or one of our Outcrowd venues throughout Surrey. As with any organisation there is always administration which within reason can be done from anywhere once you are trained and familar with the requirements.

Why Volunteer?

By volunteering for Outline you could be helping to improve the quality of life for people coming to terms with their sexual orientation or gender concerns, letting them know that they are not alone. Volunteering could enrich your own life potentially increasing your self-esteem and confidence, giving you new skills/experience which could be of use to you in other aspects of your life or career. Another benefit of volunteering is the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Ultimately, we hope that volunteering for Outline will give you a genuine sense of accomplishment and will be something that you will really enjoy doing.

Do I receive any training?

Our fully inclusive, comprehensive and training programme will strengthen your skills, teach you new techniques in listening as well as providing you with a wealth of experience. Training consists of some classroom based training, a workbook that you can go through at your own pace, quizzes and support and mentoring from experienced volunteers whilst you start to volunteer.

Do you currently have any vacancies?

Volunteering opportunities are currently available. We are interested in the skills you bring to Outline, your training will cover the details of sexuality and gender identity that you will need to know.

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