Our Helpline Remains Open – Outline Continues to Support those Struggling

Are you struggling with your sexuality or gender identity? Do you want to access support or just talk it through with someone?

Support is usually available on Sunday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 19:30-22:00 or Online 24/7 Via our Website

Call: 01483 727667

Text: 07451 289261

Use the contact form on our website https://outlinesurrey.org.uk or send us an Email/Use Online Chat – 



Our Helpline is planning to be open the following days during the festive period at the usual times:

Tuesday 22nd December 2020

Sunday 27th December 2020

Tuesday 29th December 2020

Sunday 3rd January 2021

Then back to usual:

Sunday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 19:30-22:00