Be an Ally

Outline pride themselves on helping people who are coming to terms with their sexuality and gender identity. Sometimes, this may just be providing a listening ear and a safe space to let others speak their truth.

There are things we can all do to support others in their time of need – it’s a year round thing but useful to highlight during Pride Month:

– Listening to others rather than saying what you think you may already know – everyone has their own story;

– Educating yourself on the history of the LGBT+ movement and the ongoing challenges;

– Familiarising yourself with the language;

– Be compassionate and mindful of others feelings and not using language which might be offensive, even if you are only saying it as a “joke”;

– Not asking intrusive questions;

– Stepping up and speaking out if someone is in trouble (whilst keeping yourself safe at the same time of course);

– Creating a safe environment to make people feel comfortable to be themselves;

– Getting involved in a cause which you are passionate about.

And most of all, which encompasses all of the above