What is Cis Privilege?

On 20th November is Transgender day of remembrance. Watch out for an insightful article on 20th November on Outline’s social media from one of our experienced volunteers. A useful piece of information to share with you ahead of this. Cisgender privilege – what is it and how this affects people who are transgender.

Cisgender privilege is having situations and circumstances which are not a problem in life because you identify as the gender in which you were given at birth. There are many things as cisgender people, we can take for granted that are problems for trans people.

Here’s just a few:

  1. You can use public restrooms without fear of verbal or physical abuse or intimidation
  2. Public shared gendered spaces such as spa’s, gym’s and health clubs are a not a worrying or anxiety filled space
  3. strangers don’t ask you about your genitals or how you have sex
  4. your validity as a man/woman or human is not based on how well you pass as the gender in which u identify
  5. strangers don’t ask what your real name is
  6. you don’t have to go through extensive physiological evaluation in order to receive medical care