Sexual health

Sexual Health Clinics

If you think you have a sexually transmitted Infection (STI), want to talk about contraception, or talk about precautionary measures for HIV, there are sexual health clinics locally. They will give you the support and help that you and your partner/s need.

These clinics offer a confidential service. If it is your first visit you will be asked to fill in a form with basic information about yourself. Information given here is not passed on to your GP unless you want it to be.

All of the information that you need about sexual health services and how to access them is available here: Initial interaction is online and you can order self-testing kits from that website.

The service that they provide will also be non-judgmental. It is important that you are honest about your sexual history when you contact the service so they can treat you appropriately and give you the appropriate advice going forward.

For further information information about sexual health services in England, please visit