Outline may have to consider the reality of being forced to close due to lack of managing trustees.

Can you help?

Do you have a question about this – please post below and I will come back to you.

Outline has the funding, the premises, the physical resources, however we have insufficient active Management Committee members, which without these people in place and fully active both legally and practically Outline cannot continue.

We need a secretary, IT Support, Outcrowd Lead, Funding Lead to be able to continue providing support in Surrey. At our next AGM in July 2017 we may need to vote to close, unless appropriately skilled individuals can be found to continue the amazing work that Outline has done for over 20 years in Surrey.

If you have or know anyone that may consider being a managing trustee of a small local charity please contact:

Darren Bonner – Chairperson Darren.Bonner@outlinesurrey.org

or apply through our website: