LGBT History Month 2020: Audre Lorde (1934-1992)

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Audre Lorde (1934-1992) Audre Lorde , born in New York city to West Indian immigrant parents, was an American poetess and activist. She described herself as “Black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet” and indeed those words could not express more perfectly the essence of this incredible woman. She dedicated both her life and work to combat [...]

The Greatest Wealth is Health – March 2020 Workshops – Woking Surrey

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“The Greatest Wealth is Health” Catalyst is offering two free Wellbeing Workshops covering: The link between our physical health and emotional wellbeing The importance of looking after our emotional wellbeing An evidenced ‘six point approach’ to focusing on our wellbeing on a day to day basis These are two hour workshops will be hosted at: [...]

LGBTHistoryMonth 2020: James Baldwin (1924-1987) 

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James Baldwin (1924-1987)   The first inspirational author of this LGBT History Month is James Baldwin, American novelist, poet, playwright and notable figure of the civil rights movement. Baldwin grew up in Harlem  and was openly gay. His work is imbued with intersectionality: he wrote numerous pieces on the beauty and complexity of identity, describing the influence of race, sexuality and class.    “No [...]

LGBT History Month is finally here!

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LGBT History Month is finally here!   Every February in the UK we celebrate LGBT History Month, to celebrate the rich history of our community, to remember the events who lead us to where we are now and to honour the people who made it possible.    This year’s theme is “Poetry, Prose and Plays”. All throughout History, there [...]

Last Outcrowd Pinnocks Ripley – Feb 2020

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Last Outcrowd Pinnocks Ripley - Feb 2020 Due to falling numbers of attendees with a sad heart the venue owner's and Outline have had to take the sad decision to stop the event. Feb 2020 will be the last ever Pinnocks Outcrowd. We will be looking for alternatives over next few months. Please support the [...]

Helpline Closed Tonight 12th Jan 2020

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Helpline Closed Tonight - 12th Jan 2020 We are very sorry due to volunteers not being available to run the shift we have had to close the shift. Our Helpline will be open on tuesday. Please do continue to email and call and leave a messages and one of our volunteers will come back to [...]

Festive Season Opening Times 2019-2020

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Festive Season Opening Times 2019-2020 Outlines helpline will be open at points during the festive period. Our volunteers are taking a well earned rest ready to support you in 2020. We urgently need a Helpline Lead, Funding Lead as well as Outcrowd and Helpline volunteers. See our website for more information:  

What is Cis Privilege?

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What is Cis Privilege? On 20th November is Transgender day of remembrance. Watch out for an insightful article on 20th November on Outline's social media from one of our experienced volunteers. A useful piece of information to share with you ahead of this. Cisgender privilege - what is it and how this affects people who [...]

Talking about Tran Remembrance 20th Nov

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Transgender day of remembrance  - 20th Nov 2019 With the world of transgender very much hitting the headlines recently and to be honest not in the way it should be, I feel maybe people will think this is a new thing or or new day being created. The 1st is coming up to twenty years [...]

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