What can you do?

1 Speak Up

 Challenge homophobic, biphobic, intersexist, and transphobic language and behaviour when you feel safe to do so. But remember that you are in no way obliged to. Safety always comes safe and by trying to challenge the phobic behaviours you should never put yourself in danger.

2 Educate Yourself

Learning about the community, its history, and LGBTIQ+ individuals helps us to better understand the community and creates a stronger connection between the members. It can also help us better understand our identity and be helpful in discussing certain issues with other people. It is easier to speak up when you feel confident in your knowledge about the subject. You can do that by reading, listening to podcasts or attending professional development or training.

3 Celebrate LGBTIQ+ Diversity

Celebrating diversity doesn’t have to be limited to taking part in Pride (which is also a great way to celebrate the LGBTIQ+ community if you feel comfortable to do so). You can do that in various ways – participating in various events and programmes that celebrate the LGBTQI+ diversity – be it in real life or online spaces. But it is also the simple everyday things like supporting media outlets, books, and movies with a proper representation.

4 Consider donating

 Not always and not everyone is in a position to make a donation. However, if you are and believe your donation would help in making a change, please consider donating to a LGBTQI+ charity. No matter how much and how often, every donation counts and helps building a stronger, safer community. There are also many other ways to help. You can be proactive and start your own fundraiser, whether a fundraising run, bake sale or a “justgiving” page.

Donate to Outline: https://outlinesurrey.org.uk/contact-helpline/helpline-resources/donate/

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