Outline is a Registered Charity (Association)

Outline is an unincorporated registered charity in England and Wales. Our organisation is governed by a constitution document which all trustees review regularly to ensure the organisation continues the charitable work to which we were founded.

Outline’s charitable objects

To advance the education of the public in matters relating to sexuality (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual) and gender identity (Transgender), sexual health, drugs, and inter personal relationships, and to relieve the needs of people suffering from discrimination on grounds of their sexuality, and to encourage equality of opportunity between people of different sexual orientations (“the Objects”). In particular this is achieved by but not exclusively limited to providing support activity through a helpline, support groups and hosted events targeted specifically but not limited to, the supported population identified above. Providing outreach education of the public in matters relating to sexuality.

A copy of the Outline Constitution can be found below:

OUTG1 – Outline Constitution 2014 8-4-2015 WEBSITE

Information about Outline from Charities Commission including Current Trustees can be found below:

Outline – Charities Commission Info