Sexual health

GUM Clinic Support

If you think you have a sexually transmitted Infection (STI) and do not feel as though you can go to your GP, there are genito urinary medicine (GUM) clinics locally. They will give you the support and help that you and your partner/s need.

These clinics offer a confidential service. If it is your first visit you will be asked to fill in a form with basic information about yourself. Information given here is not passed on to your GP unless you want it to be.

All of the information that you need about sexual health services and how to access them is available here Initial interaction is online and you can order self-testing kits from that website.

The service that they provide will also be non-judgmental and this makes it easier for you to be truthful about how you may have put yourself at risk. They will not judge your lifestyle but they will advise you on how to keep yourself safer while having sex. If you do not tell the truth, you may not get the test that you require to see if you have any infections.